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get proactive, get control and be safe.

be different and demand more.

No matter your size or sector we are driven by doing what is best for you.

We know that in business it is about control and risk and the fine balance between the two. Get peace of mind by ensuring we are part of your team providing you with the best legal advice based on the commercial factors important to your business.

Prevention is better than cure but the risk of prosecution is real, don’t risk it. Whether it is Health & Safety, Environmental, Trading Standards, Regulatory, Traffic or Criminal Law; we are here to protect your interests. Sleep easy at night and give us a call.


preventative support & advice.

We have years of experience advising businesses on their strategies. Whether it is advice and assistance on compliance with legislation & regulation, duties and obligations, new or existing policies, procedures, systems or one of our legal audits you will want our help. We give you the tools and confidence to make the best commercial decisions for your company.




The quicker you can react to an incident, the better the outcome. We are on hand 24/7 to provide invaluable help whether by urgent site attendance and/or telephone support. Our team will help with the delicate balance of cooperating with authorities and protecting your position.

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We will guide and advise you throughout the investigation process. Assisting you in ensuring you give proper consideration and support to all those involved from the bereaved or injured to witnesses. Advising on the preservation of relevant evidence through to responding to third party requests including investigating authorities and the media.

We can help ensure you conduct a thorough investigation under legal privilege; and maximise learning outcomes from any incident. Make sure you get control and protect your position as best you can.




Our extensive experience representing clients in all kinds of inquiries means we can put you at ease. We will clearly explain every stage and pursue your interests on your behalf, whether it’s a Fatal Accident Inquiry, Public Inquiry, Traffic Commissioner Inquiry or any other industry-specific inquiry.

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We know the importance of case preparation and management bearing in mind the impact the proceedings can have on any on-going criminal investigations, reputation and potential civil litigation. We are on your side to ensure your interests are protected across the board.



criminal proceedings.

Going to court is the outcome no one wants so we work closely with you at all stages to make the process as smooth as possible. We have years of experience acting for those facing criminal prosecutions; in fact one of our team is a former prosecutor turned defence lawyer.

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Our in-depth knowledge of this specialist area allows us to ensure your objectives are met at the earliest opportunity. Having successfully defended a number of organisations and individuals in a wide range of cases brought by the various regulators, you’ll be pleased to have us on your side should the matter proceed to trial.

We work closely with you, and your insurers, to help manage liability whilst assisting you to control the regulatory and commercial risks. Ultimately, we are there to protect your interests if things go wrong.